The Hub Way

At Hub Performing Arts School we strive to develop the characters of our young performers along with their talent. We call these expected behaviors the "Hub Way."

There are no small parts only small actors.

At Hub we teach students that every part is important and requires your full concentration and absolute commitment. Students will have the opportunity to play lead roles (should they have the ability) but also will be cast in smaller parts and even chorus roles so they learn the character that is required to be a team player. 

Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.

At Hub we strive to teach students to discover the art within themselves and to dig deep and pull all they have out in every class, exercise, rehearsal, and performance.

You are a star when you make others feel like they are star.

At Hub we encourage our students to be a part of the “family” atmosphere we strive to create. We applaud and encourage all performers and competitors and all efforts made by our “family.” 

All the worlds a stage.

We encourage our students to remember that the HUB WAY is not only important within our school but in their everyday environments as well.