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Hub Performing Arts School exists to ignite the talents of future performers in the South Plains through comprehensive triple threat (Acting, Singing & Dancing) training with a strong focus in Stanislavski based actor training and an eye towards preparing students for professional theatre, educational theatre, or simply performance opportunities in their everyday lives.

Our classes allow students to do what they love to do…PERFORM!

  • MUSICAL THEATRE COMPETITION TEAMS- These teams of talented young people work to increase their skills and represent Hub and the South Plains at home and beyond at festivals and even in New York City. Three different teams are currently seeking new members. Click on the link below to apply for an audition on Saturday, Aug. 24th.

SR MUSICAL THEATRE COMPETITION TEAM- this team of 7th-12th graders meets on Saturday mornings. This team represents Hub in the community and beyond. The team will travel to DISNEY to compete at the NATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL. They return and perform the entire musical in late spring. Auditions are held before each semester. Interested students should click on link below to set up an audition.

JR MUSICAL THEATRE COMPETITION TEAM- this team of  talented 4th- 7th graders exists to represent Hub in the community and beyond through performances and competition. Auditions are held before each semester begins. Members must be dedicated, focused and willing to represent the HUB WAY. The team will travel to DISNEY to compete at the NATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL. Team meets Tuesday nights and tuition includes two private voice lessons a month.

NEW IN FALL 2019!! MINI MUSICAL THEATRE COMPETITION TEAM- an additional competition team has been added this fall! This team is for talented 1st through 4th graders. This team will also travel to DISNEY. Auditions for the team will be held on Saturday, Aug. 24th.


PRIVATE VOICE AND DANCE - At Hub we believe in assisting students at developing their individual skills to the fullest. Our qualified instructors offer twice a month private instruction tailored to your needs. The focus in private lessons is SKILLS! We meet students where they are at and take them to the next level.

STAR PREP MUSICAL THEATRE ACADEMY- Training in Acting, Singing, and Dance that culminates in musical theatre performance on stage. These 12 week classes (offered in the Spring) allow young performers to learn the essential elements of the performing arts through the context of musical theatre. The Musical will be selected to best highlight the talent of registered students.

  • During the Acting portion of the classes, students learn about characterization, vocalization for the stage, as well as team-work through theatrical games and exercises.
  • During the Singing portion of the classes, students learn how to correctly use their singing voice for effective performances.
  • During the Dance portion, the emphasis is on dancing as a group, with energy and commitment to the choreography and an increase in dance vocabulary and ability. Basic jazz, ballet and musical theatre skills are the focus. The goal is to assist performers in developing dance skills that develop them into triple threat performers- Actors, Singers and Dancers.