We are in an ever changing world right now and the information regarding the current pandemic seems to change daily. I'm following multiple theatre organizations, directors, teachers and performer threads on social media and constantly watching to see how others are approaching the way to do this thing we love THEATRE in a SAFE way. But the overriding guidance I seek is that of SCIENCE. My business involves kids- kids that I love, kids that have family members and friends and grandparents- kids that love each other and us and MAKING THEATRE!

I have to seek the methods that can insure the safety of my students, their families and our community. A guiding principal we have chosen to follow at Hub is: What's ALLOWED is not always what is SAFE or RIGHT. We are reading everything we can get our hands on about the spread of the virus and safety measures for performers and SEEKING ADVICE FROM MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. These are what we are using to make decisions about the safest way to continue offering our services to our students. We are ready to change at a moments notice.

The decision to take our June camps online was not made lightly! But this week I've been heartened as students from around the state have joined us and we've all learned together that IF YOU WANT TO DO IT BADLY ENOUGH, YOU CAN FIND A SAFE FUN WAY TO DO IT! We're learning and growing together and always making the necessary decisions to keep ourselves safe. 

Take a look at our COVID PRECAUTIONS PAGE to see some of the articles that have guided us during this time and the measures we are putting in place to keep everyone safe while doing what we love to do!